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Domestic Corps provides Ross School of Business students high-level summer internships with nonprofits across the U.S.
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2013 Domestic Corps Projects

Civic Consulting Alliance (CCA) - Chicago, IL -
CCA is a nonprofit management consulting firm serving the City of Chicago through a unique public-private partnership with prominent consulting firms, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. CCA helps the City address its key strategic and operational issues by using a combination of CCA staff, staff on loan from for-profit consulting firms, and guidance from Chicago's most senior business and civic leaders. CCA's focus areas include: education, environment and transit, workforce development, public services and quality of life.

Projects: Two (2) MBA interns will complete high-impact projects for the City of Chicago, working side-by-side with CCA consultants and senior executives in Chicago government. Projects may be focused on environment, education, government, or public safety and will be finalized as priorities are set and the best intern fit is determined. (Details in pdf)

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) - various sites -
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) uses economic incentives to achieve transformational change within four key program areas - climate, oceans, ecosystems, and health. Through its Corporate Partnership Program, EDF works to harness the power of markets to unleash environmental salutations and innovations.

Project #1 (Boston, MA or San Francisco, CA): Climate Corps Organizational Change - A BBA intern will develop a streamlined solution to organize, analyze, and create change management recommendations for host organizations involved in the EDF Climate Corps program. (Details in pdf)

Project #2 (San Francisco, CA, Austin, TX, or New York, NY): Natural Gas Program - An MBA intern will examine environmental health and safety (EHS) practices within the natural gas industry to determine if and how new/improved employee training, incentives, and standards should be implemented. (Details in pdf)

Project #3 & 4 (Bentonville, AR): Consumer Product Sustainability - Two (2) MBA interns will work on separate tracks with EDF staff, The Sustainability Consortium, and Walmart's corporate sustainability team, merchants, and suppliers in different product categories to identify areas of potential product improvement with high greenhouse gas emissions, chemical toxicity, and/or agricultural impacts. (Details in pdf)

Focus: HOPE - Detroit, MI -

Focus: HOPE is a nationally recognized civil and human rights organization in Detroit, with the mission of using intelligent and practical action to fight racism, poverty and injustice. Their programs include a food program for eligible mothers, children and senior citizens; education and training in information technology, manufacturing and engineering; community arts programs; community and economic development initiatives; a manufacturing operation; children's day care and education, conference facilities, and volunteer and outreach activities.

Project: Two (2) interns - 1 MBA and 1 BBA - will develop a strategic business and financial plan for the Center for Advanced Technologies engineering degree program. The program was previously supported by five universities and six industry partners, but has since lost the majority of its federal funding and needs to be revived. (Details in pdf)

Net Impact - San Francisco, CA -

Net Impact is a community of more than 30,000 changemakers who use their jobs to tackle the world’s toughest problems. Its members put their business skills to work for good throughout every sector, showing the world that it’s possible to make a net impact that benefits not just the bottom line, but people and planet too. Net Impact will mobilize a new generation to use their careers to drive transformational change in their workplace and the world.

Project: An MBA intern will compile research on human capital best practices in attracting, investing in, and retaining top talent in the nonprofit sector; complete a marketplace landscape map and strategy; and help create a preliminary program design to send more top talent to nonprofit organizations utilizing Net Impact's networks. (Details in pdf)

New Urban Learning - Detroit, MI -
New Urban Learning is a non-profit charter management organization. Its mission is to prove that Detroit children can graduate from high school, enroll in college, and be as well-prepared academically and socially to complete college as their suburban counterparts by building an academically rigorous, warm-demanding high-quality college-prep schools. NUL manages University YES Academy, a college-prep academy, and will expand with an elementary school in the fall of 2013.

Project #1: Organizational Evaluation Model - A BBA or MBA intern will design an evaluation model and related tools for staff and educators to provide two-way feedback mechanisms to inform senior level strategy. (Details in pdf)

Project #2: Leadership Development Program - An MBA intern will research best practices for principal management, identify areas of improvement in the current leadership support structure, and develop a year-long professional development program for principals. (Details in pdf)

TEAM Schools: A KIPP Network - Newark, NJ -
TEAM runs high-performing KIPP schools in the Newark, New Jersey region that instill in their students the desire and ability to succeed in college, in order to change the world. KIPP, the Knowledge Is Power Program, is a national network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public charter schools with a track record of preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and in life. TEAM Schools operates one high school, two middle schools, and two elementary schools, with projections to open one additional school per year over the foreseeable future.

Project #1: Activity Based Costing Model - An MBA intern will help lead the transition for TEAM Schools to an Activity Based Costing model. This will include selecting appropriate cost drivers, creating methodology, developing new financial reports, and communicating changes to school principals. (Details in pdf)

Project #2: Financial Planning - An MBA intern will design a new initiative to empower each school's Director of School Operations with more systematic finance and budgeting support. This work includes creating a financial data dashboard, a professional development budgeting workshop, and improved overall budgeting tools and training. (Details in pdf)

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