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The Board Fellowship Program places qualified graduate students as Board Fellows on the governing boards of nonprofit organizations in Southeast Michigan.
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Domestic Corps

Domestic Corps provides Ross School of Business students high-level summer internships with nonprofits across the U.S.
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Nonprofit Partners

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Domestic Corps


If you are a Ross School of Business MBA or BBA student looking for a challenging, high-level, paid summer internship in a nonprofit organization, then consider applying to Domestic Corps summer internships. Our program offers a variety of projects, including marketing, strategic planning, new business development, and civic consulting with nonprofits across the U.S.

Students participating in the program must have:

  • A record of academic and professional excellence.
  • Knowledge and skills relevant to the particular agency.
  • Sensitivity and commitment to issues of community needs, financial concerns, and confidentiality.
  • A commitment to serving the nonprofit sector.

Benefits of Being a Domestic Corps Intern

  • MBA students have been historically compensated $10,000 and BBA students $6,000 for the 10 week internship.
  • Professional knowledge and skill in nonprofit management.
  • Opportunity to integrate tools learned in the classroom in a meaningful capacity.

Application Process

NPM is currently accepting applications for 2014 Domestic Corps. Application packages are due Tues, Jan. 21 at noon, to Please review application instructions (pdf) and the 2014 projects. The application package should include:

  • Application form (doc)
  • Current resume
  • 1-page personal statement with your name and program/year listed. The statement should describe why you are interested in the program and any specific internship; include any relevant experience and what you would like to gain from a Domestic Corps internship.
  • Optional letter of recommendation

Additional Links

Nonprofit organizations interested in Domestic Corps can find additional information.